Easter Vigil 2019

Psalm 104: Lord Send Out Your Spirit

Psalm16: You are my inheritance O Lord

Psalm Exodus 15: Let us sing to the Lord; He has covered himself in glory

Psalm 30: I will praise you Lord, for you have resuced me

Psalm Isaiah 12: You will draw water joyfully 

Psalm 19: Lord, you have the words of everlasting life

Psalm 51: Create a clean heart in me O God

Alleluia Psalm 118

Sprinkling Rite: I Saw Water Flowing

Offertory: Christ Be Our Light (Easter Text) #158

Communion: I Am The Bread of Life #363

Recessional: Jesus Christ is Risen Today #160

Postlude: Celtic Alleluia #375


Sheet Music for Easter Vigil 2019



Easter Sunday 2019

Gathering: Glory in the Cross #156

Sheet music for Easter Sunday 2019


Choral Music for Holy Week